The Differences Between Agile and Waterfall Methods

In this video presentation, the differences between agile and waterfall methodologies are discussed through a series of slides. While the points within the video take some interpretation, those familiar with both methodologies and their accompanying principles will quickly be able to read into the greater message. At the core of the presentation is the inflexibility of the waterfall method. Changes are often needed in a project, but the rigidity of the methodology and its principles rarely allow for them.

When it comes to projects and clients, the shortcomings of the waterfall method are quickly exposed. In the presentation, after a fictional team has failed to deliver the product to the client, they lose the client’s business. And then another story is told, this time with a team that uses agile methods. Their successes are more apparent, and they don’t encounter the same problems that the waterfall team did.

Through daily meetings, quantifiable accomplishments and a shortened product release time, the team that trusted in agile methodology was able to succeed.

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