The Importance of the Scrum Daily Meeting

People tend to focus on themselves when first implementing Scrum.

But this is an inaccurate focus because the team is really fueling productivity. Yes, they’re made of individual components, but the whole is the driving force. To make the team move, you need to implement a daily Scrum meeting as part of your arsenal of agile development methods. You’re meeting should consist of a 15-minute discussion. To curb overages, if any single topic exceeds an allotted timeframe, you should postpone further discussion about the topic to a later meeting, assuming the issue goes unresolved.

Communication is paramount in every company’s business growth strategies. And a meeting is really an opportunity for the team to unite and discuss a myriad of pressing topics.

Utilizing a daily meeting is a quick and easy way to get everybody synchronized. Watch the full video from OpenView Labs for more information on this topic.

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