Top 10 Startup Hiring & Recruiting Posts of 2014

December 23, 2014

Hiring is never far from a successful tech leader’s mind. They know how valuable top talent is, and how critical having not just a great team, but the right team is to fueling sustainable growth.
Whether you’re scaling your organization or building out a team for the first time, these posts will help you know where to look for the best candidates, make competitive offers, avoid costly mis-hires, and ultimately hire and retain the best talent possible. Good luck in 2015, and, remember — always be recruiting.

10) Google’s Secret Hiring Formula

Google secret hiring formula
Take a rare peek inside the Googleplex with OpenView Senior Talent Specialist Meghan Maher to discover why Google credits its success in attracting — and retaining — top talent to four key hiring criteria.

9) Quick Guide to Extending Job Offers Top Talent Can’t Refuse

Message (85/365)
Once you’ve sourced, interviewed, and selected your top candidate, the hardest part of the hiring process is over, right? Not exactly. In fact, how you prepare for and extend a job offer to your top candidate may make or break your entire search. See our quick guide.
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8) Your Company’s Biggest Recruitment Challenge for 2015

Scrabble - Resume
The startup hiring landscape is changing. Here are three keys from OpenView Talent Specialist Katelyn LaGarde to staying competitive and hiring the best talent in 2015.
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7) How to Poach Talent from Larger Companies: 3 Buttons to Push

The Big Red Button
Want to lure away top employees from bigger companies? OpenView Talent Specialist Brandon DeWitt says you need to be prepared to address these three things to coax them over and make sure they really have what it takes to make the leap. Learn the secret.
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6) 3 Crucial Questions to Ask New Sales Hires

How do you find the right sales people who can actually live up to their interview hype? By asking the right questions to make sure they’re the real deal. ZipRecruiter VP of Inside Sales Kevin Gaither shares the interview questions he asks every potential new hire.
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5) The Secret to Achieving 97% Employee Retention

employee retention
You’ve worked so hard to find and win the very best talent around. Don’t let a lousy employee retention strategy send them flocking to your competitors. Talent and HR executive Ben Russell shares his secrets for keeping employees happy and motivated.
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4) How (and How Not) to Conduct Backdoor Reference Checks

Candidate-supplied references don’t always provide you with an objective perspective. To find out what makes a candidate truly tick, backdoor reference checks can be much more revealing. OpenView Sales Strategist CeCe Bazar explains what to do and what can go wrong.
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3) Jobr: Is This the Best Recruiting App You’re Missing Out On?

When it comes to startup recruitment and job searching, it really doesn’t get much better than LinkedIn — or does it? Katelyn LaGarde break down the pros and cons of the latest hot recruiting tool — Jobr, the “Tinder-for-jobs” app.

2) How Millennials Are Changing the Way Inside Sales Hiring and Training is Done

Millennials Jam Workshop: Youth and ICTs beyond 2015
Like it or not, the Millennial generation doesn’t think, work, or behave like generations before it. But as sales expert and bestselling author Josiane Feigon explains, that’s not necessarily a bad thing — particularly for inside sales organizations that know how to adapt to those differences.
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1) 10 of the Best Interview Questions Ever

Best interview questions
When it comes to interviewing, if you want real answers you have to ask the right questions — the more unexpected, the better. Ten leading tech founders and CEOs share their favorite interview questions for picking out the best from the rest. See the list.


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