Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Website – For Free!

July 1, 2010

Content, content, content!

As an expansion stage venture capital firm, we have learned from our portfolio and prospects that there are many great ways to promote your website for free. One major business growth strategies that management teams (both at OpenView and at the portfolio companies) having been focusing on are using blogging and social networking sites to promote content and share information. I found a great article about the top 10 ways to promote your website and find it very useful.

1. Guest blogging
2. Comment on blogs in your niche
3. Participate in related forum boards
4. Ask others for link exchange
5. Social networking
6. Create your Twitter and Facebook
7. Use specialized directories
8. Edit your email signature
9. Create your product
10. Word of mouth strategy

Now go get started!

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Jillian Mirandi works in Market Research and Competitive Intelligence at <a href="">NetSuite</a>. She was previously a research analyst here at OpenView.