Using Your Corporate Culture to Drive Innovation

How is innovation created?

First, a culture must be set in place that allows for innovation. It’s about creating an atmosphere that is conducive to creation. Habits are paramount, too. Preaching about the culture is only a single component – the other factor involves delivering the culture through habits and practices.

A company that continually utilizes its culture and respective habits is plainly evident to the outside onlooker. It’s very important to build this into your business’s processes and to continually maintain it. Make sure to make improvements, too, when appropriate. An issue that sometimes arises when attempting to implement such radical changes in environments that previously lacked them is employee fear. Sometimes, employees will be wary of buying into this changed methodology – but quelling their fears is a matter of explaining the importance of the changes to them.

Innovation, as it turns out, is not created at all – it’s actually a byproduct of practicing the best practices.

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