Want More Sales Opportunities and Higher Close Rates?

January 22, 2010

I really like what Junta42 did with this Content Management Marketing piece.


  • They have a useful whitepaper (piece of content management marketing)
  • There is an easy form to fill out to get it
  • Signing up for the content automatically puts the target on the Junta42 e-mail newsletter
  • Their weekly newsletter is really useful and comes regularly each Friday morning

What does Junta42 get out of this? The whitepaper helps them to build their weekly newsletter list (list of people that are clearly interested in content management marketing) and the newsletter gives them the opportunity to leave an impression with their target audience each week. If they continue to provide great ideas in their weekly newsletter, then each week their brand will get stronger and stronger from the perspective of their target audience. Each week, a portion of their target audience might be interested in finding some experts to help with their content management marketing efforts, will go to the Junta42 site, and will use their product.

The net result is more sales (through more targeted opportunities and higher close rates)!

Content Management Marketing is not a difficult thing to do, but making it really simple and really powerful takes some thought, creativity, and experimentation. An even better way is to find some models like this one and copy them!

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