Website Content Segmentation: Direct Your Customers to What Matters Most

Today’s B2B websites are better positioned to convert visitors than ever before, thanks to the increased adoption of content marketing and the proliferation of high-quality content and great design principles. An important consequence of this trend is that competitors are increasingly going head-to-head in website design and innovation.

As this report illustrates, website content segmentation is an important way for companies to differentiate themselves online. By presenting the most relevant content to its website visitors, a company can increase its engagement, better differentiate itself from competitors, and improve inbound marketing effectiveness.

“Segmentation is an underutilized tool in website design,” explains OpenView Market Research Associate Brandon Hickie. “It’s easy to implement and, if used properly, it can significantly improve visitors’ experiences and help them determine whether or not your products and services fit their needs. That in turn will improve the quality and conversion rate of inbound leads from your website.”

As simple as it may sound, many websites fail to speak to each of their specific audiences in an effective way. Some fail to satisfy their visitors’ need for information because their content is not tailored to the desires of any specific groups of customers. In trying to market to everyone, it’s easy for companies to fail to successfully address the interests of anyone.

5 Best Practices for Successful Website Content Segmentation

The report outlines five best practices you can use to help ensure that your segmentation strategy fulfills its goal of delivering clear, concise, and relevant messaging to your website’s target visitors. The best practices are shown through real-life examples that demonstrate the principles in use.

For more information and examples, check out this related video and download your free copy of the report.

Photo by: Igor Zalbidea


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