Will a content marketing strategy work for targeting senior executives?

December 4, 2009

We have been spending a lot of time recently encouraging our portfolio companies to develop their content marketing strategies. The question comes up a lot “will it work for my product market for my target customers?” So far, the answer has been “yes” for every target customer segment that we have investigated and/or read research reports on.

As an example, here are some basic facts that imply that influence marketing and content marketing even works for senior executives.

The content marketing approach seems more obvious for inbound marketing efforts. But, even if you don’t use a content marketing strategy to find your targets in the first place (for example, you use a research and outbound marketing approach to find your targets), many of your prospects will more often search the web and their other favorite sources of information as one of the vehicles to learn more about you. Executing great content marketing strategies will help you to help them learn more of the right things about you and help them to engage in the conversation with you!

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