Will The iPad Change the World? Of Course It Will!

March 27, 2010

I have heard and read a lot of positive and negative predictions about the iPad for the last year (well before it was announced). Newsweek has a reasonable one here, for example. My bottom line prediction is that the iPad will change the world just like everything else Steve Jobs has ever touched has changed the world.

I have never met Steve, but I have watched him since well before I purchased my first Mac to write my Maters Thesis in 1985. All of Steve’s products don’t succeed in the market, but all the products have helped paved the road to changing the world one way or another, which is how changing the world works in my view.

As an expansion stage venture capitalist that does not get impressed very easily, I have been impressed with Steve’s ongoing wizardry around product and development and how product and development innovation drives his business growth strategies.

From a completely different vantage point, it would be great for the world to have a bit of change…perhaps it will help everyone get there minds off the unemployment rate, lighten up, and have some fun!

I for one will definitely have an iPad on launch day even though I expect that it will be obsolete in a few months…I also hope and expect there to be some other competition (I am personally rooting for Google and Microsoft and anyone else that wants to offer some competition) that will help to stimulate some great innovation!

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