Portfolio Updates
Enterprise Storage Unleashed: Why We Invested in SwiftStack
We’re excited to welcome SwiftStack, a leading software-defined object storage platform leveraging OpenStack Swift, into the OpenView family after leading...
by Mackey Craven
Tech Trends
Billion-Dollar Bet: The Real Reason Amazon and Google Wanted Twitch

To get the full story behind what made Twitch such a hot acquisition target, you have to go back to the launch of Justin.tv in 2007, the same year Netflix released its streaming video service to the world.

by Mackey Craven
VC Insights
The Worst Months to Start Raising Capital

Wondering when to start raising capital? Find out which two months to avoid to optimize your chances of getting attention and having your round go smoothly.

by Mackey Craven
At OpenView
Building a Bridge to the Cloud: Why We Think Next-Gen IT Monitoring is a Really Big Deal

With it apparent that cloud adoption is the future for any business, next-gen IT monitoring presents an exciting opportunity to serve as a bridge to the cloud.

by Mackey Craven