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The 2018 SaaS and Cloud Startup Report [Infographic]

Location is crucial in many aspects in life. The same applies to a surprising extent to starting a cloud or software business. The research team over at Crozdesk took an in-depth look at the SaaS and cloud economy, analyzing over 19,000 companies to look at funding availability, growth rates, overall ecosystem size, and more to figure out the top spots to start a SaaS business in 2018. The results were rather surprising.

Check out the summary from the SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018 in the infographic below or get the full report here.

2018 SaaS Cloud Startup Report

Want the full report? Get the entire 2018 SaaS and Cloud Startup Report by Crozdesk here.

Nick Hopper
Nick Hopper
Founder and CEO

Nick founded Crozdesk, a software discovery platform, in June 2014 and works on design, front-end and business development for the company.
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