Does Your SaaS Product Measure Up?

We’re big fans of benchmarking data at OpenView. Without it, how would you know if your business is succeeding?

Don’t get me wrong—financial metrics like cost of acquisition and retention are ultimately the drivers of an enduring business. But when I had my head down at a startup, monitoring funnels and deciding what product features to prioritize, I needed to go a step deeper.

Early-stage founders, product leads and go-to-market pros need to understand the drivers of the high-level metrics that VCs care about. That’s what inspired me to develop the SaaS Product Benchmarks.

The 2020 SaaS Product Benchmarks Report includes:

🔎 Insights from CEOs and product leaders at over 150 SaaS companies

🚧 Benchmarks on best-in-class freemium and free trial conversion funnels

🗣Expert advice on how companies can layer in sales to drive growth

Ready to find out how your company measures up and get objective data that will help you build products people love? Go check out the 2020 SaaS Product Benchmarks Report.

A heartfelt thanks for reading the report, and to those of you who participated in the survey.

Want to dig in even more?

Attend an exclusive AMA on June 29th on the Product Collective Slack channel or a Webinar on July 1st on this very topic.

Sam Richard
Sam Richard
VP of Growth

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