3 Reasons Why You Should Give Recent Grads a Chance

June 4, 2013

3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Hire Recent Graduates
Commencement is an exciting time in Boston. Every year, the area’s top universities usher a group of fresh graduates into the workforce who are full of promise and ready to make an impact in the world. Each graduate is now holding their degree, a resume, and perhaps a handful of internship experience as they set off to begin their career.
What happens next? Often nothing. Literally nothing.
They may move back home for a time, or get a job that pays the bills in a field they are not so interested in, and then they will wait to gain some experience before applying again to finally break into the field they thought they were preparing for.

Why is it that the majority of companies are so reluctant to hire recent grads?

The answer is almost always lack of experience. And of course this is a Catch-22. A recent grad needs experience to work at your company, but you hold the key to them gaining that valuable experience to begin with.
As a result, too many companies are missing out on brilliant talent to add to their teams because they are afraid to hire someone who is green. They may need to train them, and there may be a learning curve, but isn’t that true no matter what level you hire at? There is always, always, always a learning curve.

3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Hire Recent Graduates

1) Tech Skills

This is a generation that — more than any other — truly “gets” technology. They grew up doing assignments on the computer. Excel was part of their curriculum. They do not have to be taught how to operate your CRM — they can figure it out faster than you could!

2) Eagerness

Recent graduates want to work. Forget all the snarky commentary about Millennials. This generation has been groomed to work hard and succeed. There are such high expectations of the generation that they have a certain “refuse to lose,” mentality. This translates into a malleable and willing employee.

3) Well-Connected

These are not your grads from 15-20 years ago who leave the university and do not have any “real world” connections. Email, LinkedIn, Twitter and other ways of connecting have made it so anyone can build their connections. Students in college are involved in groups and activities that help them build their network. They have easy access to networks, people, and information. They are far from completely naïve.
Think about the open requisitions you have at your company. Is there a place for a sharp recent graduate?
What is your policy on hiring recent graduates?

Senior Corporate Recruiter

<strong>Lindsey Gurian</strong> is the Senior Corporate Recruiter at <a href="http://www.acquia.com">Acquia</a>. She was previously a Senior Talent Specialist at Sonian, responsible for recruiting initiatives at both the firm and its portfolio companies.