In Case You Missed Them: 4 Recent Free Sales Management Webinars

4 Free Sales Management Webinars

From free prospecting tools to compensation plans done right, these four free sales management webinars will help you take your team’s performance to the next level.

In recent months, the OpenView Sales and Marketing Support team has hosted four webinars, and we plan to keep up this monthly rhythm in 2014. CeCe and I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting these sessions (perhaps a little too much — we are total hams), and look forward to making the webinars that much more interesting to our portfolio companies and beyond in the upcoming year.

Live webinars can sometimes be difficult to attend, particularly for sales people who are not always at their desks. So, for your listening/viewing pleasure here are the recordings of all four of our recent sessions in one centralized location — enjoy!

1) The Top Free Sales Prospecting Tools

Kyle Porter of SalesLoft joins CeCe and me in this 45min webinar covering the top free tools your sales team needs to use to boost your performance and increase your efficiency. The session includes:

  • What free tools you can implement to enhance your prospecting efforts
  • Where and how to access these tools
  • The power of using internet data to boost your sales team’s performance
  • Best practices for how to successfully implement and integrate these tools into your prospecting process

2) How to Design a Sales Compensation Plan that’s Right for Your Team

Compensation plans are extremely powerful tools for influencing sales results — but only when done right. If done incorrectly, they can back-fire and even demotivate and distract your sales team.

In this webinar, CeCe and I are joined by sales strategy consultant Michael Hanna to tackle the frequently-asked question, “How do I design an effective compensation package for my sales team?” The agenda includes:

  • Best practices for setting base salary / variable split
  • 7 critical, but commonly overlooked factors for designing and implementing sales compensation plans
  • 10 compensation modeling elements

 3) Getting Attention in 15 Seconds: How to Turn Any Cold Call into a Warm One

In this webinar, CeCe and I team up with sales trainer and consultant Jeff Hoffman to share a handful of best practices that can help salespeople and lead generators boost prospecting productivity and harness the power of momentum selling. The contents include:

  • Why traditional cold calling techniques don’t work anymore
  • What you can do to get your prospects’ attention in 15 seconds
  • And how to leverage Hoffman’s proven “Why You? Why You Now?™” prospecting strategy

4) Work Smarter, Not harder: Planning a Model Day for Success

Do you want to consistently hit your numbers? Help your team plan for success and structure their day to maximize output without putting in more hours. In this webinar, CeCe and I discuss:

  • Why time management is essential for hitting goals
  • Where time is lost in the day
  • How to create a daily plan to achieve your goals and hit your numbers.

What webinar topics would you like our team to cover next year? Please give us your feedback!

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