5 Tips for Setting Career Building Resolutions for the New Year

Do you have career building resolutions for 2013?

It’s a new year and I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently on how to work on those resolutions we have all been thinking about. It’s a fresh start to work on yourself not only personally but also professionally.
Being the beginning of the year, and the start of a new quarter, you should focus on tangible improvements you can make to take control of your career. In this post I have compiled several tips from other articles and personal experience to set career building resolutions and reach your goals for 2013.

1) Get SMART

First off, in order to meet your goals you must set a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) bar for yourself. Whether you want to be promoted by year’s end, wrap up a seemingly never-ending project or dedicate time to learning something new – you must create a goal, or resolution, you can work at daily. I find it helpful to write what you wish to accomplish somewhere visible as a daily reminder.

2) Get Feedback

Another tip to get you started is to ask for feedback. In past positions I have found many co-workers often believe they are doing the best job possible, yet they’re constantly complaining they haven’t been promoted. I’m sure if they asked their fellow employees, or more importantly – their boss, they might be offered a different perspective.
I can’t express how important it is to gain insight and feedback from not only your superiors but also your peers. Your bosses want to see you do well and everything they express is only to help you improve yourself. Peers can give an interesting perspective, as well, and may have advice that can make you better at your job.

3) Get Over Your Complaints

On that note, don’t complain about your job at work! This may seem like a given, but I have certainly come across co-workers openly venting on the clock. Not only can it make the person you are complaining to feel extremely awkward, if your boss hears you being so negative you could risk losing your job, or at the very least risk losing their respect.

4) Get Fit!

To increase overall productivity and happiness, take care of your body. Honestly, this is incredibly important in reaching your career goals. If your mind is groggy and overtired, it is impossible to perform your best work. Try to get enough sleep at night, eat well, and exercise. You will immediately find yourself in a better spot not only professionally, but personally as well.

5) Get Serious About Your Future — It Starts Now

Think long-term and focus on your overall career goals. Spend 10-15 minutes per day thinking about how your short-term goals will help you to achieve those long-term goals. Use this time to truly motivate and encourage yourself to keep moving forward to accomplish what you desire from work. At the end of the day, develop tasks that you need to complete the next day. This way you can come into work refreshed and ready to start off immediately.

It’s obviously a time to develop new goals and resolutions. What are your career building resolutions? How will you make sure to meet them for the New Year?

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