5 Top Sales Blogs that I’ve LOVED Following in 2012


Not all sales blogs are created equal. Here are the top sales blogs that I’ve found most helpful this year!

If you’ve engaged with OpenView Labs in the past, you know that we are a group that is ALWAYS learning and CONSTANTLY regurgitating the best of the best practices to our expansion stage investment portfolio.

And while we’ve got solid frameworks for sales and marketing channel development as our core backbone, we are constantly gathering insights from sales influencers to refine and enhance our models. Here are some top sales blogs that I’m always tuning into, and recommend that you follow as well!

The SalesLoft Blog

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the SalesLoft guys a few months back, and I gotta tell you, I was (and remain) impressed. Talk about a smart group that is overflowing with tips, tricks and insights to share with salespeople like you and me.

In recent weeks, I’ve picked up some great ideas from the SalesLoft blog and I’ve immediately forwarded the posts to the sales teams in OpenView’s portfolio. Keep it up, guys. Looking forward to lots of great nuggets in 2013.

Inside Sales Expert Blog

OpenView loves Trish Bertuzzi and Matt Bertuzzi of The Bridge Group, and it should be no surprise that their blog ranks among the top sales blogs. In July, Matt and Trish were kind enough to lead a couple of sessions at OpenView’s Lead Generation Management Workshop for our portfolio here in Boston, and we’ve collaborate with the dynamic duo on a great deal of content collaboration over the years.

Between the reports that they put out, their insanely popular LinkedIn Group (Inside Sales Experts, which has 20,000+ members!?), and their informative blog posts each month, there’s no denying that if you are in inside sales and you are not following The Bridge Group, you are clearly missing out.


This blog is written by Garret Hollander, and this guy is good. His content is rich, and his best practices are TOTALLY aligned with the way the our Labs team thinks about outbound prospecting. Each week, I tune into this blog and I make sure that Kevin Cain, OpenView’s Director of Content Strategy, repurposes his content on the OpenView Labs website so that our expansion stage readers can absorb the goodness.

B2B Lead Blog 

This top sales blog, which is run by MECLabs, is overflowing with rich insights and data for emerging sales leaders. OpenView thinks very highly of MECLabs, and we feel that their concepts are so helpful that we asked Brian Caroll (the team’s Executive Director) to lead our B2B Marketing Workshop this quarter.

I like this blog because there isn’t a lot of fluff like other sales blogs out there. As a core to their business, MECLabs has a built in research arm (sound familiar?!) and they use lots of rich data to compliment their blogs. Much like OpenView’s blog (yup, I’m tooting my own horn here), this site is pumping out content in mass quantities, to be sure to check them out often.

The Sales Hunter 

I’m a big fan of Mark Hunter. He religiously produces posts that speak directly to challenges that sales people encounter. His posts are easily digestible and, again, his content is pretty much a permanent fixture on OpenView Lab’s website because our audience can truly identity with his points.

There you have it. The top sales blogs of 2012, according to yours truly.

Do yourself a favor, and follow these blogs if you are not already! It’s worth spending an hour a week reading content that will make you and your sales team more successful.



Devon McDonald is a Partner at OpenView, where she sits on the firm’s investment committee and oversees OpenView’s Growth team, a group of Research, Sales and Marketing Strategists responsible for helping its portfolio companies acquire more customers and scale at an accelerated rate.
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