All About Content Marketing in Today’s World

In the 1950s, marketing medium options were scarce.

Television, radio and print comprised all of the options. And even the variety of options therein was less diverse than today. But things have drastically changed. Even going beyond the internet, a number of doors that didn’t even exist earlier have been opened wide.

Joe Pulizzi, operator and founder of Junt42, explains how the marketing world has evolved, and how these changes should be leveraged. Pulizzi’s expertise is heavily focused on content marketing, and this is something he touches on repeatedly in this video. Also, he aids those that are looking to take advantage of social media in this video by explaining the changes they will need to excel in this realm.

As an expert, Pulizzi can offer sage advice in a number of fields. It’s clear to see that his knowledge definitely warrants a listen.

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