Are You a Chicken or a Pig?

April 3, 2010

I wrote a post on how to step up and take responsibility recently. It is a really important topic and as I was talking to someone recently, she said “you know, most people don’t take responsibility, don’t you?”. Interestingly, I already did know that, but when someone else tells you something that you already know is true, it really resonates. As I thought about her point, I thought that my post would probably appeal to the limited readers who really want to take responsibility, got stuck in one way or another, and had the time to really read the post and then invest in the videos.

I just remembered the chicken and the pig from my Jeff Sutherland scrum master training (at OpenView, we run our firm on scrum and most of us are certified scrum masters), and I thought that this post would appeal to more people. The classic story of the chicken and the pig. If you are the pig, you are taking responsibility!

If you want to be the pig, go back and read this post as it is a pretty important topic! If you want to stick with the cartoon and learn how the chicken and the pig relate to scrum, where the development team is fully committed, there is more here. Just to be clear, the world needs more pigs (as defined in this context)!

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