Could Summer Be the Prime Time to Apply for Jobs?

I was chatting with my colleague Kim Reisman, a Research Analyst here, last week and we were discussing the lulls of summer. Both on her end — speaking with executives at tech companies — and on my end — speaking with potential candidates and hiring managers. Summers in general are filled with vacations and people cutting out early to enjoy the weather. With that comes slower response times and a reduced sense of urgency for a lot of people.
So why, you ask, would now be a good time to look for a job? Because, there’s less competition.

Why Summer Might Be the Best Time to Apply for Jobs

Hot weather and summer vacations don’t stop the need for companies to make key hires. Here at OpenView, it’s business as usual and we are nearing capacity for the number of searches we can take on.
That being said, the response to our outreach can sometimes slow down with people on vacation and not checking their email or LinkedIn quite as often — leaving more room for qualified applicants.
Last year I wrote a post about where the best candidates come from. Listed in third (and last place) were inbound resumes. And that stems from people applying without fully reading the description or applying to positions they know they are not qualified for. A well-qualified applicant is refreshing and even more so in the summer months when our searches may be moving along a bit slower.
Also, if you do get hired, what a better time to start than the summer? Things are a lot more laid back (maybe you have early Fridays) and there are probably some cool events to go to which will definitely help getting to know everyone.
So, the moral of the story? Thinking about making a move? Do it now! Just be sure to apply for jobs that match your background.

Senior Talent Manager, Engineering
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