3 Ways to Boost Business Development Performance

BDRs: 3 Ways to “Kick It Up a Notch” in 2014

3 Ways to Boost Business Development Performance | OpenView Blog
I have always been a fan of the Food Network. In fact, it was my go-to on sick days in high school, and the only station that wouldn’t scare me when babysitting in my college years. Unfortunately, I never learned how to bake the perfect soufflé, or chop an onion without crying, but my favorite chef, Emeril Lagesse did teach me the importance of “kicking it up a notch.”
Hopefully business development representatives ended 2013 on a high note. And now with the new year in full gear they are looking to either replicate their success — or if they are smart, kick it up a notch. Below are three ways that business development reps (BDRs) at the expansion stage can take their recipe for success to the next level.

1) Get Your Hands a Little Dirty

Don’t just work from the lead lists you are given in 2014, dig in a little! Build your network and CRM with leads that you have sourced on your own, and make sure to get referrals across the organization. If you are working on a key account and really want to make quick impact, map out the organization chart for yourself and set up an “attack” plan. Also, set a goal, whether it be daily or weekly, for the number of leads you want to add into your CRM.
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2) Plan Your Day and Your Meal

Set yourself up for success by planning a model day for yourself. This is a sure-fire way to maximize your time in 2014! Divide your activities into two types — “proactive” and “reactive” — and build a schedule grouping these activities together. You will avoid losing time by multitasking and constantly switching gears, and find just how easy it is to squeeze in those five extra dials that may just be make or break.
If you need some tunes to get things going, use these BDR playlists to better (high)kick it up!

3) Break Up with Your Leads

If you are going to kick it up this year, you might as well kick your leads to the curb and make room for more! Don’t burn your time with unresponsive leads. Instead, break up with them (all within good taste!).
Try using a creative subject line like “It’s not you, it’s me” to grab their attention and let them know how to reach you should they be interested, or that you will follow up half way through the year. If done well, the break-up email is a great way to engage leads who have been historically unresponsive. Know that there is a time and place for the break-up email, and (like real-life break ups) remember to be respectful.
What tactics are you using to step up your game in 2014?

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