BrandDigital: Key takeaways from the branding handbook

February 9, 2010

Last week I blogged about setting a social media strategy. This week I will write about the same topic with an additional lens – a brand.

As part of the of the work I do at global venture capital firm OpenView Venture Partners, I often look for insights on sales support and marketing strategy. I often spend time looking for the latest discoveries so that I can provide operational support to all of OpenView’s portfolio companies.

Recently I finished reading BrandDigital by Allen Adamson. The book provides tips and tricks on implementing various online social media strategies for any brand. Adamson offers relevant examples of different companies implementing different tactics throughout the book to illustrate his top ideas, but most importantly Adamson drives home the concept of a brand promise or brand platform.

Two key takeaways, directly from Allen Adamson and BrandDigital:

  • Make your brand promise simple to understand, for two reasons
    • Anyone should be able to understand what the brand stands for
    • If not, your customers may define it in a way that is not what you envision
  • Align every branding initiative with the brand promise
    • Determine the right touchpoints for your market
    • Consistently communicate your brand’s message through those channels

Adamson talks about this concept in detail in the following clip:

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