Finding the right job posting sites for you

Are You Posting Your Open Positions in the Right Place?

Last week I spoke about the infinite choices out there for posting your open positions. I also offered some advice on what to look into when choosing the job posting site that is right for you.

Still don’t know where to begin? Never fear! To get you started I have provided some comparisons of the more well-known job posting sites. Keep in mind, there are many more that may actually be a better fit for your needs, so make sure to do your homework!


In my opinion, this is the most well known site that is used strictly for job searching. That being said, it does not always attract the best candidates.

While the candidates who use the site are of varied skill sets, they tend to be more junior. A lot of college students go to Monster because it’s one of the only sites they are aware of. For that reason, this site might be best used for your entry-level positions.

Posting a position ranges anywhere for $130 to $395 depending on whether it is for 30-days or 60-days and how many you purchase together.


This site is very similar to Monster. Again, it’s diluted with very junior candidates who will apply to any position that has a keyword they are searching for. I would limit use of this site to temp or very entry-level roles in administration. Posting is also even more expensive, ranging from $176 to $419 depending on how many slots you bundle together.


This one is less known compared to the first two. I came across the site when I was working in an agency and we were offered a free-trial.

When posting on ZipRecruiter, you are supposedly posting on 30+ different job sites including Indeed, SimplyHired, TopUSAJobs, Oodle, etc. The site will post to Monster, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc. for you as well, but at an extra cost (the cost of posting).

ZipRecruiter has a few plan options from $59/month to $199/month depending on how many postings you would need. This site is good for most positions since it goes out to many different sites. Be careful though, I have used ZipRecruiter without much luck in the past.


This is a posting site like Monster or Careerbuilder, but geared specifically to IT professionals. I have had pretty good success with this site and find that if a developer or IT professional is going to look at a job site, it is going to be this one.

That’s a huge plus, but it unfortunately comes at a price: $495 for a single 30-day posting, additional options for premium 60-day postings, or a complete recruiting package that you would need to contact sales about.


Most people know what Craigslist is, but don’t think of it for job postings. It does in fact have one, and it is either free or just $25 to post on, depending on the location. This could be a nice, cheaper option for entry-level positions.


This is actually not a “job posting site” but rather a site used by developers to collaborate. That being said, the fact that they do have a career section is very beneficial. This would be the place to post your Software Engineer openings, particularly the more senior, hard-to-find positions.

The postings cost $350 for 30 days, with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the candidates

ExecuNet and TheLadders

These are job posting sites geared to executives (hence the names). Originally, it was required that a job pay at least $100k to be posted on both sites. ExecuNet has since gotten rid of that requirement while TheLadders is still $100k+. Either site will most likely bring in a similar crowd.

These are the places to post any management positions you have open. ExecuNet is pretty secretive with their costs but a Starter Membership (30 days access with one posting) is $995. They offer annual memberships as well, but you would need to speak with a representative about that.

TheLadders is more forthcoming with their information; they have a free passport membership that has unlimited postings and searches on the site, a “FitFinder” membership that assigns you a Talent Specialist who will do the work for you along with unlimited postings and searches for $750, and a customizable “RecruiterSuite” with varying costs.


The colleges and universities in your area could be great resources for hiring entry-level or mid-level candidates. Most have posting sites for current students and alumni and at no cost! All you have to do is go to the career services page on the website, find the posting outlet and create a profile.


Last but not least, LinkedIn is probably the best resource for posting positions and finding candidates out there today. That being said, I will be dedicating my post next week to reviewing the many options that LinkedIn offers to recruiters and Talent Factories. Stay tuned!

Senior Talent Manager, Engineering
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