Congratulations to Team OpenView

March 29, 2010

Over the last three weeks, OpenView Venture Partners, the Boston Venture Capital firm that I work for, has participated in a blogging competition that was created by our Blogging Platform Provider, Compendium. Everyone at our firm is extremely competitive, and we are always up for a good challenge! That being said, most people at this firm have a lot to say, so this content was a great way to get our thoughts out there for the market to check out. Our hope is that an expansion stage company that fits our criteria and is the “next big thing” will find us through our SEO and blogging efforts.

The final results came in this morning – OpenView won the competition! Together as a team we created over 200 blogs in just a week’s time. It was interesting to see the topics that people touched upon in their posts. It was also exciting to see that we are really acquiring a great following on our blog page – we had about 5,000 visitors last week.

My colleague, Amanda Maksymiw, who serves as a Marketing Analyst at the OpenView Labs, focused on social media, inbound marketing and influence marketing in many of her entries. Diana Winings, a Recuitment Analyst for the Labs, wrote a lot about great cities for startups, the new healthcare bill affecting startups, and as you would assume, recruitment support. Igor Altman, a Senior Associate at OpenView wrote a number of articles about the benefits of using Agile Product Development, and about also about the values that OpenView applies to its endeavors.

Overall, I am very proud of my team and as the resident blog administrator, I have truly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.

If you would like to serve as a guest blogger for OpenView, please leave me a comment or email me at [email protected].