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Why Relationships are a Content Marketing Priority

Morgan is the new Content Marketing Specialist at OpenView Labs. Follow her blog for tips on social media marketing, content distribution, and community engagement.

woman video chatOur world has transformed. Building relationships transcends physicality and, despite my every effort to deny that interpersonal communication can exist in places like Twitter, I think I’m finally sold.

I came to OpenView from an expansion stage start-up where a major component of my job was to build relationships and optimize our content marketing efforts. As the newest member of the OpenView team, I’m building on that role and am responsible for getting you the content that you want at the right time. But if we really drill things down, I’m here to build an online relationship with you.

What My Goal is at OpenView

The more we get to know each other over this blog, in the comments section, and via social media, the more I’ll get to understand what you’re looking for. In the end, my priority is to learn more about you so that I can help you get the content that you want.

I want to learn from your expertise, whether that’s in sales or recruiting or any other role that you might have. I want to get a better understanding of where your needs are. From a content perspective, I want to understand what makes you tick. Above all, I want to help you learn from experts not only here at our firm but also in your respective profession.

Looking Towards the Future

Now I know that you’re probably thinking, ‘So, you’re telling me that your job is to make friends?’ Although that sounds like a great deal, my responsibility is actually to ensure that our team is being as useful to you as possible.

With this, I can’t help but get a little philosophical about my approach. Since we’re talking relationships, I think Soren Kieregaard says it best when he advises: “It seems essential, in relationships and all tasks, that we concentrate only on what is most significant and important.”

While I’m no philosopher, it’s my goal to build a relationship with you that’s based on fulfilling your needs as a professional. I’ll also be sharing my insights along the way, including best practices for you content marketing folks out there!

I hope you’ll come back and that we can get to know each other. Thanks for reading, and I’m excited to start the conversation!

What is it that makes you tick? Let me know in the comments section below!

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