Set Your Content Marketing Team Fantasy Lineup

Looking to set the ideal content marketing team lineup? Take a page from the Fantasy Football playbook.

The Rundown

As I sat down this weekend to set my fantasy football lineup, I began to see an unlikely connection between the ultimate fantasy football and the ultimate content marketing lineup. In both cases, producing a high quality team is not an easy endeavor. In content marketing, you require a group of talented individuals who work together to take your company’s presence to the next level. You need a full lineup in order to make your company stand out — just as one outstanding player alone isn’t going to win you any fantasy football championships. You need a balanced team that will put up steady numbers throughout the season.

Just like your job, having a fantasy football team can be fun, but it can also be a source of frustration. (Damn you David Wilson for your week 1 performance). Filling the roles of quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and so forth is similar to filling the roles of your content marketing team. Below, I’ve blended the worlds of fantasy football and marketing into a lineup card that will have your company feeling great all season long:

The Lineup

Running Back: Director of Content Strategy

Set Your Content Marketing Team Lineup: Running BackEvery team needs a backbone. When it comes to content marketing, you need a leader to ensure that everything gets accomplished. A running back in fantasy football is vital because he generally gathers more points than any other position, essentially making or breaking your team. In content marketing, you need a person who is going to oversee the content factory. That means making sure the content creation & distribution process is aligned with — and powers — your company’s larger strategy and goals.

Think Adrian Peterson when filling this role — a dependable back who is going to make you feel more than comfortable heading into Sundays.

Quarterback: Managing Editor

Set Your Content Marketing Team Lineup: QuarterbackA managing editor needs to play close attention to detail, generate topics, and manage general work flow. In football terms, this is your quarterback at the line of scrimmage, constantly juggling plays in his head. A successful managing editor is creative with his or her play-calling and always succeeds in capturing the interest of your audience. They must pay close attention to detail, just as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady does when studying opposing team defenses.

Your content marketing needs a managing editor who isn’t going to be throwing interceptions. Stay away form those Brandon Weeden-type editors.

Wide Receiver: Social Media Specialist

Set Your Content Marketing Team Lineup: Wide ReceiverAlright, you’ve developed the content. Now it’s time to set your spread offense. Who’s going to catch your content and spread it to all the right channels and mediums? Your social media specialist, of course! He or she will be responsible for distributing all your content in the social sphere.

Driving in traffic and building/fostering an online community are a social media specialist’s main responsibilities. Just as a wide receiver is responsible for catching the ball and running it into the end zone, a social media specialist’s job is to grab that content and make a touchdown. Think Detroit’s Calvin Johnson or Denver’s Wes Welker.

Tight End: Graphic Designer

The written word can only take you so far. It’s important to have a graphic designer on hand to spice up your content by throwing in some infographics, videos, and other visuals to catch the eye of your audience. A graphic designer can accomplish all of this, but does not have to be on the team full time. Rather, you should outsource this position. Just as a tight end in football is valuable, you don’t necessarily need him for every play. However, having a creative and top-notch graphic designer can take your content marketing to the next level, just like a TE. I think fantasy owners who had Rob Gronkowski on their team in 2011 can attest to that!

Supporting Players on the Bench: Everyone in Your Company

Set Your Content Marketing Team Lineup: BenchHaving strong depth on your team is crucial for fantasy greatness, just like having your entire company involved in your marketing strategy is necessary for a booming content factory. Get your CEO, partners, heads of departments, and, yes, interns involved in the operation. Soon you’ll have an array of content that will drive your business up in the rankings.

What do you think of this fantasy content marketing team lineup? Are there any other positions you would add?

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