Don’t be “that” girl…

March 18, 2010

Gender equality in the workplace has definitely improved in recent decades, but let’s face it… only 15 Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. According the book, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, by Lois Frankel, there is a science behind it. Many professional women have the tendency to make unconscious mistakes that actually hold them back from being promoted into a leadership role in their company.

Frankel offers some suggestions for women out there who are trying to get into the “corner office”:

  • Unless your name is Betty Crocker, keep candy, cookies, and other goodies off your desk.
  • Don’t ask permission – inform others of your intentions.
  • Stop apologizing.
  • Review voicemail messages after you leave them to ensure they’re crisp and clear.
  • Don’t be afraid to sit at the head of a long or oval table. It’s not the Thanksgiving dinner table.
  • Count to three before answering a question – even if the answer is on the tip of your tongue.
  • Avoid couching your opinions in the form of questions.
  • Develop a personal marketing plan.


Don’t be that girl in your office. Be that woman who is confident and capable.