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Factors for Global Expansion Success

January 25, 2013

Sales, marketing, and executive leadership expert Dave Brock explains the three key elements to global expansion success.

If your business is considering breaking down borders and expanding into new markets across the globe, then you are going to need to sit down and hash out a plan. But what should you focus on? Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE explains what he finds to be the most important steps to global expansion success.
By ensuring that you are selecting the right time to expand, taking things slowly, and understanding your new customers abroad, you’ll increase your chances for global success. Each step involves you being or becoming more and more comfortable in both your global and domestic footing so that you’re expanding from a rock solid base.


<strong>Dave Brock</strong> helps sales and business professionals achieve extraordinary goals through his consulting and services company <a href="">Partners In EXCELLENCE</a>. Dave is also an Advisory Board Member for <a href="">DecisionLink</a>.