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Move Thoughtfully and Create Things: Stripe's 4 Steps to International Expansion

Stripe serves global organizations, so it’s important that they have teams all over the world to assist their customers in the best way possible. Learn why cookie cutter internationalization sets you up on the path to failure and how Stripe has successfully scaled their organization globally.

by James Allgrove
HR & Leadership
Reduce Employee Turnover (and Its Impact) Using Knowledge Management

How can an effective knowledge management practice help with employee turnover while enhancing productivity and efficiency? Find out what you can do to keep your best people around longer.

by Josh Brown
HR & Leadership
Feedback and Performance: The Critical Connection and How to Foster It

As a manager or HR leader, you can use these strategies to foster that feedback-friendly culture and optimize employee performance at your organization.

by Jessica Thiefels
HR & Leadership
How Do You Know When It's Time to Hire a COO?

When is the COO role an appropriate addition to your team? Find out how to properly scope this role and find the best candidate for your organization.

by Jeff Diana
HR & Leadership
How SaaS Products Ascend the “Trust Pyramid”

SaaS products may be the future of how we work, but that future will only happen if we can overcome significant obstacles along the way. And the biggest obstacle is trust. Learn how to build trust with your customers here. 

by Bruce Johnson
HR & Leadership
How to Maintain Control of Your Startup When Things Get Bumpy

The bigger your startup gets, the bigger the challenges become. How can you maintain control as your business continues to scale? Find out here.

by Tracy Vides
HR & Leadership
How to Ensure Success as a New CEO: Unearth Organizational Insights through AI

It’s overwhelming for any CEO to step into their new role. So how can AI empower these CEOs to make the best decisions for their company? Find out here.

by Sarah Pettengill
HR & Leadership
What We Can Learn From Tesla And Electric Cars

Tesla and the rise of the electric car is only going to get more popular as the climate change argument persists. OV’s Scott Maxwell explains why.

by Scott Maxwell
HR & Leadership
From CIO to CEO - What It Takes and Why It Works

Yvonne Wassenaar has successfully transitioned from CIO at New Relic to CEO of Airware and then Puppet. Here she explains why the CIO-to-CEO path makes sense and what someone attempting to walk it can expect along the way.

by Yvonne Wassenaar