HR & Leadership
Don't Make Offboarding an Afterthought

The second you hire your first employee you should know how to say goodbye when the time comes. Learn how to handle offboarding correctly to ensure respect on all sides.

by Diana Preziosi
HR & Leadership
Are Remote Workers Leaving a Hole in Your Company’s Cybersecurity?

So many companies today are worried about how remote employee policies are affecting the security of their online networks. Learn how you can properly protect your company’s security, both at home and in the office.

by Bayley Dietz
HR & Leadership
Want to Increase Productivity? Go Remote.

The remote work movement is gaining traction across a wide variety of industries. The time to adopt a remote work organization is now. Find out why.

by Stella Garber
HR & Leadership
Congrats, You Received Equity! Now What?

You received an equity option as part of your compensation – congrats! Learn how you can be sure you’re prepared to understand the equity component of your offer, ask the right questions and make an informed decision about your offer.

by Sarah Duffy, Sean Fanning
HR & Leadership
What Startups Should Learn from Technology Leaders on Their Paid Family Leave Policy

Not all startups focus on creating a paid family leave policy, but they should. OV’s Amanda Walker explains why this benefit is crucial for your workforce.

by Amanda Walker
HR & Leadership
Move Thoughtfully and Create Things: Stripe's 4 Steps to International Expansion

Stripe serves global organizations, so it’s important that they have teams all over the world to assist their customers in the best way possible. Learn why cookie cutter internationalization sets you up on the path to failure and how Stripe has successfully scaled their organization globally.

by James Allgrove
HR & Leadership
Reduce Employee Turnover (and Its Impact) Using Knowledge Management

How can an effective knowledge management practice help with employee turnover while enhancing productivity and efficiency? Find out what you can do to keep your best people around longer.

by Josh Brown
HR & Leadership
Feedback and Performance: The Critical Connection and How to Foster It

As a manager or HR leader, you can use these strategies to foster that feedback-friendly culture and optimize employee performance at your organization.

by Jessica Thiefels
HR & Leadership
How Do You Know When It's Time to Hire a COO?

When is the COO role an appropriate addition to your team? Find out how to properly scope this role and find the best candidate for your organization.

by Jeff Diana