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Without Strong Relationships, You'll Never Get Buy-In for Your Ideas

In a perfect world, people make rational decisions and the best idea always wins. But as we all know, things don’t always work out this way.

by Alisa Cohn
HR & Leadership
The Best SaaS Conferences to Attend in 2021 (Updated Regularly)

We’ve combed through the interwebs to find the most worthwhile events in 2021. We’ll continue adding to this list as organizers announce more conferences.

by Victor Eduoh
HR & Leadership
What Companies Should (and Shouldn't) Be Doing About Diversity Right Now

Words are not enough. Talk is meaningless. We need to get in there and do the work. HubSpot’s Winston Tuggle goes over exactly how to start.

by Casey Renner
HR & Leadership
14 SaaS Leaders Share Their Favorite Interview Questions

What’s your biggest weakness? For many folks in leadership positions, the answer might be… asking job candidates good questions.

by Kristin Hillery
HR & Leadership
What's the Biggest Lesson You Learned This Year?

Leaders from Snyk, Autodesk, Mixpanel and more share the most important things they learned in 2020.

by Kristin Hillery
HR & Leadership
The Books That Got Us Through 2020

Consider adding a few of these to your 2021 reading list.

by Kristin Hillery
HR & People
Remote Work Is Lonely. Here's What Companies Can Do to Foster Community.

It was acceptable to ad-lib a remote strategy at the beginning of the pandemic, but companies that want to transform that initial emergency response into a sustainable model need to put in the effort to make it so. 

by Jamie Wallace
Founders Shouldn’t Hire a VP of Sales—Here’s Why

Unless you’re extremely well-versed in executive sales recruiting, trying to hire a VP of Sales on your own is a recipe for disaster.

by Amy Volas