Great software market growth predicted by Forrester

January 13, 2010

I was happy to see that Forrester is predicting a significant tech rebound in 2010. They are predicting that software spending for the year will be up 9.7% after being down 8.9% in 2009.

For expansion stage and growth stage technology companies and their venture capital advisors, this is a very welcome prediction, as growth venture capital has been down considerably over the last year due to low growth and growth companies have been somewhat starved for growth investments.

Perhaps it is time to start considering cranking up the marketing spend (particularly the content management marketing!) and getting the recruiting support engine going again? My sense is that growth technology companies are generally remaining conservative and want to see how the year starts shaping up, but you can begin preparing for growth by getting your marketing plans together and getting an inventory of great candidates teed up even if you aren’t completely convinced that the solid results from Q4 will carry over into ‘010.

I am personally starting to become convinced that the software economy is improving and hope that the Forrester prediction turns out to be accurate!

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