Customer Success

Have No Fear, Corporate Blogging is Here

May 10, 2011

In order to most efficiently quell corporate blogging fears, it’s important to prevent misperceptions from creating hysteria.

The most common fear expressed by executives is that the entire company can be undone with the villainousness press of a button. But this notion is simply untrue. Employees have been communicating between themselves and with the outside world for some time. A corporate blog is simply the evolution of employee communication; its scale is just what may make it seem scary to some.

Understanding the amount of control available when forming a corporate blogging campaign is important, too. Knowing what your company can gain from such an endeavor, in terms of a content marketing strategy and building rapport with customers, is important as well.

Despite the unfounded paranoia that sometimes surrounds corporate blogging, it’s a tool that should be utilized by businesses looking to expand their online presence. For more information on corporate blogging, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Tom Johansmeyer.