How do we offer value? Check out our case studies to learn more

March 29, 2010

Every month, one of my responsibilities as an Analyst at OpenView Labs, the Strategic Consulting arm of the Boston Venture Capital Firm, is to release a case study about the value that OpenView offers to our expansion stage portfolio companies. This month, the topic was the Capability Maturity Model for Finance, which was crafted by Cynthia Mignogna, our resident Finance Principal. The CMM for Finance is a comprehensive program that includes both immediate exercises and activities, and guidance for long-term success and continual improvement. Participating companies receive:

  • An in-depth two-day workshop, under OpenView’s guidance, that establishes the fundamentals of the program and serves as its launch point
  • A 12 – 18 month development outline that sets objectives, prioritizes initiatives and guides progress
  • Individualized check-ins and assessments to help CFOs overcome obstacles, monitor results and make adjustments, as needed

Next month, I plan to release a case study about the Lead Qualification Model that we implemented successfully for Intronis. The release of this case study will be the week of April 12th, so keep an eye out!

I am always looking for ideas for upcoming case studies. If any of the CEOs or management teams at our portfolio companies have suggestions as to the most beneficial value-add services that OpenView has offered their business, please leave me a comment with your idea and/or contact information.