How does OpenView Venture Partners help its portfolio companies?

Last week I was at the Marketing Segmentation Forum hosted by Boston venture capital firm, OpenView Venture Partners, with the help of our senior advisor Luke Hohmann. Throughout the two-day interactive workshop, Hohmann provided the fundamental components and actionable processes any company can follow to define its target segments. Between the sessions I was able to catch up with some executive team members of expansion stage companies which have received venture funding from OpenView. Read our press release to learn more about the segmentation forum.

When senior teams were questioned on how OpenView has provided the most impact or value, they more often than not pointed to our Extraordinary Execution Workshop – not the expansion capital. The workshop is an intensive two-day meeting to help our companies identify aspirations and strategic priorities for the year.

“Using the Extraordinary Execution Workshop, the entrepreneurs get an advantage over their bigger competitors,” mentioned Hohmann. “The workshop helped guide us to where we need to be,” added Shane Vaughan, VP of Marketing of Balihoo.

To learn more about the Extraordinary Execution Workshop, read our case study. 

Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw
Content Marketing Director

Amanda Maksymiw worked at OpenView from 2008 until 2012, where she focused on developing marketing and PR strategies for both OpenView and its portfolio companies. Today she is the Content Marketing Director at Fuze.
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