How Much is Each Visitor Worth To You?

March 23, 2010

This chart of the day is pretty instructive. At this point, Google gets a huge multiple the revenue per visitor that Twitter gets. Imagine the market values of the companies listed if they could get to Google’s level (or, alternatively, the reduced value of Google if it regresses to the mean!).

When recent venture capital financial rounds for Twitter took place, it stirred up a lot of analysts saying one thing or another. If Twitter turns out to be the lead generation system that Google is, it will be a great sales support and marketing tool for businesses, who will pay a lot for lead generation services and could drive a huge increase in valuation for Twitter. Perhaps this is what the Venture Capital financing round was considering?

It will be interesting to watch the business growth strategies of all of these companies, particularly their product and development strategies, as they grow and mature, as they are all tending to go after the online revenue streams of the other companies…what a great competition to watch!

More analysis at Business Insider Here.

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