How to Find Freelance Copywriters – One Quick Tip

January 10, 2012

Using Freelance Copywriters for your Content Marketing Efforts

Having the right resources to staff a content marketing strategy is a widespread issue for many startup and growing technology companies.  While some companies have the luxury of utilizing internal resources to actively contribute to a corporate blog, write eBooks or pen articles, this isn’t true for every company.  Maybe writing does not fall into your team’s forte (which is OK, by the way).  Or maybe your team does not have time to blog.  Using freelance copywriters can be a great resource for your content strategy in order help you maintain your content development efforts.

I have written and shared several tips for finding good freelance copywriters (see How to find great freelancers on Craigslist), and I was recently introduced to another great source for freelance copywriters from Mark Roberge of Hubspot.


Zerys is a project management tool specifically for content marketing.  Zerys has hundreds of qualified writers on topics ranging from sales to marketing to personal finance to cooking to travel and beyond — all looking for work.  Companies can sign up for free to get access to the service.  Once funds are added to the account, companies can post different orders or jobs in which they can set the price (anything ranging from 1-2 cents per word to 15 cents per word). Here is a sample job order:


The process to post a job seems straightforward and comprehensive, allowing you to include specific instructions to ensure the work is completed the way you want it.  Here is a sample:

The typical turnaround time based on my experience is about a week – from posting the job to accepting the completed work.  Zerys is a great resource if you are in a pinch looking for quality freelance copywriters to write blog posts, ebooks, articles, white papers, etc.




Why Should You Care?

Zerys (and services like it) can be a great supplement to your content development efforts in an effective and cost efficient way, especially for smaller content like articles and blog posts.  Overtime you can build a great network of freelance copywriters to call on.

What are your thoughts on services like Zerys?


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<strong>Amanda Maksymiw</strong> worked at OpenView from 2008 until 2012, where she focused on developing marketing and PR strategies for both OpenView and its portfolio companies. Today she is the Content Marketing Director at <a href="">Fuze</a>.