4 Key Qualities of Exceptional Internal Recruiters

February 28, 2013

Tech recruiting expert Keith Cline provides four key qualities to look for to make that elusive key hire — your first internal recruiter.

Key Qualities of Exceptional Internal Recruiters

Good internal recruiters are a lot like good engineers, good marketers, and good product people — they are often hard to find.
Whether you are hiring a senior position — a Director of Talent, VP of Talent Acquisition, or Recruiting Manager — or adding a member to an internal recruiting team, the fact is the person will be your eyes and ears on the front lines in the war for talent, and, ultimately, the success of your company is riding on his or her ability to perform.
In other words, internal recruiting positions are key roles you should never compromise on, and there are four key qualities any candidates you are considering absolutely need to have.

A Discerning Eye for Talent

First and foremost, an internal recruiter has to have demonstrated a proven track record of tracking down and properly evaluating top talent. In sports terms, he or she is the GM who is responsible for making accurate assessments of top performing athletes. If you want to compete, you have to be able to rely on their judgment.
Checking the results they were able to achieve in their previous positions is obviously key, and checking references (both on their list and off it) is a good idea, as well.

Ability to Be Persuasive and Articulate

This person will be the front-facing point of reference for top candidates. That means whether or not applicants choose to move forward often hinges on the impression the recruiter makes and how effectively he or she represents your company and the position.
If he or she is not able to speak intelligently about the role and your company’s positioning, mission, culture and values, the chances of you landing a highly sought-after candidate in a competitive situation can be impacted drastically.

Organizational Savvy

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It’s absolutely crucial for any internal recruiting manager to recognize the value of establishing and maintaining an incredibly tight recruiting process. Organization can make or break your attempt to build a steady pipeline of candidates, and since timing is often everything when it comes to recruitment, being able to effectively manage multiple schedules is key.

Passion for Company Culture and Community Building

In addition to being the face of your organization for top candidates, an exceptional internal recruiter needs to be the “culture captain” for your company, too.
He or she should be excited to help build your company and have a positive impact on candidates’ careers. The best recruiters are heavily connected and actively involved in the community. They are eager to share your company’s story and to help you write the next chapter, as well.

What qualities have you found to be must-have’s for internal recruiters to be successful?


<strong>Keith Cline</strong> is founder of <a href="http://venturefizz.com/">VentureFizz</a>, a destination website where you can find all things buzzing in Boston’s technology community in one spot, and Principal at strategic recruiting firm <a href="http://dissero.com/">Dissero</a>.