Is the Corporate Blog a PR Alternative?

Many corporate blogs are launched with the goal of acquiring additional press pinned squarely on them.

For the blogs, this does more harm than good. Such an approach is misguided. The blogging will be inauthentic, and readers will quickly identify the ruse. You’re far more likely to reach your PR goals if you change your perspective on the corporate blog itself.

It is not a means to an end. Instead, it’s an alternate route, according to Tom Johansmeyer, group marketing director at Cross Border. A corporate blog should be an add-on to your current PR efforts. It is not a substitute. For more on this subject, watch the from OpenView Labs featuring Johansmeyer.

Brendan Cournoyer
Brendan Cournoyer
Content Strategist

Brendan worked at OpenView from 2011 until 2012, where he was an editor, content manager and marketer. Currently Brendan is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Brainshark where he leads all corporate marketing initiatives related to content, creative, branding, events, press and analyst relations, and customer marketing.
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