Customer Success

Measuring Your First Contact Resolution Rates

April 15, 2011

First contact resolution aims to monitor the rate at which a company resolves customer inquiries during the first point of contact.

For example, if a customer support request is made online, that will be considered the first point of contact. If that issue goes unresolved and a second point of contact is made, whether it’s online or by phone, that’s a secondary point. This shows that the initial request wasn’t resolved during first contact. When exceptional customer service is part of your business growth strategies, you’ll need to ensure that such occurrences become infrequent.

To measure first contact resolution it’s imperative that you stay in stride with the customer as they move through the customer support process in your company. If they make an inquiry, you need to be able to identify when and where it happened, in addition to whether or not it was resolved. Without having this vital information, you can’t stay atop of your first contact resolution rate.

First contact resolution can provide a glimpse into your customer service efficiency, assuming you’re capable of measuring it. For more information on this subject, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Bill Price.