7 Things People Don’t Get About Millennials

7 Misconceptions About Millennial Employees

I recently read an article on Forbes entitled 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get, and not only did it get me a little angry, it also got me thinking. Are Millennials one of the most misunderstood generations ever? The only things we hear about Generation Y are mostly negative. Job hoppy, cocky, taking things for granted, irresponsible, and poor work ethic are just some of the negative words that are said of my generation.

Well, I was born in 1991 and I’m proud to be a millennial. Personally, I believe that Millennials get an unfair bad rep. Hardly anybody speaks up for us and offers positive feedback. We are a generation of bright, energetic, optimistic individuals who are craving to start their careers. So listen up Baby Boomers and Generation X, below I have compiled a list of seven things people don’t get about millennials.

The List: 7 Misconceptions About Millennial Employees

1) We aren’t a bunch of narcissists

Are we a proud generation that thinks we can offer and contribute a lot to society? Of course we are. Does that mean we’re cocky? No way. I’m not sure when being confident started being confused with being cocky, but there is a big difference. We just want to offer our talents to our companies and contribute in any way we can. We want to show our employers that we don’t need that much guidance and that we are capable to get the job done on our own.

2) We want to work

Generation Y is hungry and we want to work. If you feel like your Millennials are lazy maybe you’ve just hired the wrong people. For the most part, we are an eager bunch who want to pay our dues and rise in our careers.

3) Social Media isn’t our life

Of course we like our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, but what’s wrong with that? We’re a social generation that likes to stay connected to our networks. Do some Millennials go overboard with social media at times? Of course. But every generation has their flaws and at least we can admit them. We aren’t totally consumed with social media, rather we are obsessed with the need to stay connected with our family, friends, and colleagues at all times. Crazy? Maybe. But social? Yes.

4) We manage our time exceptionally well

Throughout our adolescent years, we had tightly-scheduled days packed with activities. We have lived a highly organized and scheduled life, which I think separates us from other generations. One of the most overlooked qualities of Millennials is how well we manage our time. We understand deadlines and know how to multitask, creating for an organized individual who is ready to contribute.

5) We aren’t all about the money

I’ve had three unpaid internships in the last two years and everyone in my network has worked at least one internship that has come without compensation. Show me a generation that will offer their talents for free with minimal complaint. We are the generation of talented, unpaid interns but we’re still considered to be obsessed with money.

6) We seek feedback

Millennials want to be successful and rise up in their careers. Why wouldn’t we seek knowledge and advice from the people above us? If your Millennial isn’t responding to your feedback, perhaps you’re just managing them wrong.

7) We like to read

Perhaps we’re not reading the Encyclopedia every night before we go to bed, but we are reading, constantly. We’re always on our computers, phones, and tablets reading articles, blogs, and, yes, we even read books! I like to call Generation Y the “On-Demand” generation since we have a constant need to find something out in the fastest time possible. “Google that” has become our motto and I’m proud of that.

So, baby boomers and Gen-Xer’s, stop complaining about Millennials and start working with us. Every generation has issues with the new kids in town. Boomers were called hippies and Gen-Xers were labeled as slackers. Quit being hypocrites and lets start working! Give the kids a chance.

What are your thoughts on millennials? What have your experiences been with Gen Y? Share them here.

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