5 Must-Read Blogs for B2B Sales Professionals

The world of B2B sales is constantly evolving with different ideas, methodologies, tactics and tools. This ever-changing ecosystem forces young sales reps to stay agile with their approach to prospecting. The B2B sales community is also home to a laundry list of thought leaders who, luckily for us, love to blog about their experiences and strategies. For new and seasoned sales professionals alike, blogs are a great resource to stay on top of the newest trends and keep the needle moving.

But, with so many blogs out there, how does anyone know which truly provide the best information? To help you get up to speed, I’ve provided a quick overview of some of my favorites. Happy reading!

1. John Barrows

John has trained and worked with tech behemoths like Box, Salesforce and Marketo. And, as the founder of Sales From The Streets, an on-demand sales training service, John has become one the most impactful sales influencers in the game. Twitter: @JohnMBarrows

2. Sales Hacker

The Sales Hacker blog pushes a consistent stream of great content for the full spectrum of sales professionals. Whether you’re a sales leader or a BDR fresh out of school, SH is a repository of great insight to help take you to the next level. Twitter: @SalesHackerConf

3. InsightSquared Sales

If you know what InsightSquared does, then you understand the beauty of the metrics and analytics behind sales teams. Their blog is the best place for BDR, SDR and inside sales team managers searching for better ways to track, learn from and improve their team’s performance. Twitter: @insightsquared

4. Sales Wars

Rolled out just this year, QuotaFactory’s Sales Wars blog has a fresh feel with great authors and articles. They direct their content towards outbound prospecting teams looking for easy to read articles about strategy, skill development, technology, tools and more. Twitter: @quotafactory

5. The Sales Blog

Anthony Iannarino is a sought after speaker, coach, author and sales leader in the B2B community. He posts daily sales tips and insights geared towards inside sales reps and managers. His style of writing promotes self-reflection on day-to-day processes and ways to improve productivity and effectiveness. Twitter: @iannarino


OpenView Labs’ Sales Blog

OpenView’s own Labs Sales Blog is a great resource for any B2B sales professional. We publish weekly content on business development, training, lead enablement and much more. Twitter: @openviewlabs

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