Free Online Sales Tool to Help You Close More and “Speek” Less

August 28, 2013

In order for an outbound lead generation team to be effective, we advise that each business development rep (BDR) follow the 70:30 rule. This means that  70 percent of the time the lead should be talking and 30 percent of the time the BDR should be talking. Why? Well, the natural tendency of anyone involved in the sales process is to spew information at a prospect. However, as Sandler rule number 14 states, “A prospect who is listening is no prospect at all.”

Essentially, this means that rather than listing off features, outbound lead generation representatives position them in a way that requires the prospect to engage in a conversation. It takes time to incorporate the 70:30 rule into everyday sales, especially because we as humans have an aversion to silence. Moreover, how do you enforce a rule without getting subjective on time?

Enter Online Conference Calling Sales Tool

Speek is a free online conference calling system. The Virginia-based team has devised a visual way to conduct conference calls with personalized links (i.e. and dashboards that break down the percentage of time that each attendee speaks. BINGO!

Online Conference Calling Sales Tool: Speek Speek is the perfect tool to use when role-playing or even in your first week of round robin dialing. In sales training, it is one thing to articulate the importance of the talking less and listening more, but it is quite another to put it into practice.

With Speek, gone are the days of guesstimating the listen-to-talk ratio for a specific BDR. Speek’s customized links have all the analytics needed to instill best practices from day one on the phones. After every call an email is fired off to the account holder giving them insight into the call including what percent of time was spent talking vs. listening.

And, the best part? Time optimization!

Speek’s mobile app eliminates bridges and pins from the calling process giving your team-in-training, more time on the phone and less time making dials.

Have you had any experience utilizing Speek? Are there similar tools you would recommend?



<strong>CeCe Bazar</strong> is an Associate on OpenView's investment team. She was previously a Sales Strategist also at OpenView.