OpenView Partners with Buildkite to Empower Software Development Teams to Deploy Faster with CI/CD

August 18, 2020

We’re in the modern era of software development. Traditional waterfall methodologies of the 80s and 90s are transitioning to more iterative agile development, and with that a DevOps culture has emerged. Companies are shipping software faster and more frequently, a shift that requires tools that can keep up.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Deployment (CI/CD) has become core to managing these shorter release cycles. With CI/CD, development teams can integrate smaller components of code more quickly and automate the process of testing and delivering updates.

At OpenView, we believe that great products can change the way people work. We’re excited to lead Buildkite’s $28M AUD Series A and support the Buildkite team as they strive to be a force multiplier for development teams.

Buildkite is a product-led CI/CD platform that leverages a hybrid deployment model giving customers the flexibility of using their own resources while Buildkite runs the hard parts in the cloud. On average, Buildkite customers experience 5x faster build times at a lower total cost. Buildkite is focused on delivering security to customers and their hybrid approach enables customers to keep their source code on their own infrastructure. While other CI/CD tools aren’t known for being easy to use, Buildkite’s customers describe it as a flexible and managed solution with a friendly UI.

Customers rave about Buildkite, calling it a “glass of water in the desert.” Buildkite has spread entirely through word of mouth as developers share it with their peers and bosses, a testament to the product quality.

But really it’s the culture they’ve built internally that informs their dedication and focus on building the best product and delighting customers. They’re developers building tools for developers and as a small team, they captured the hearts of large engineering organizations. They’re intent on building a sustainable business and that mentality runs deep as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a small team, scaling to fit the needs of the business. Buildkite believes that teams can be lean, but they also believe that they can be dispersed. They’ve had a remote work culture from day one and will continue to find the best talent possible regardless of location.

The Buildkite team

At OpenView, our first value is “value people above all else” and that alignment with the Buildkite team is incredibly clear. They care deeply about their team, and that focus on building great people has translated into an incredible focus on building a great product.

With great people and a great product, now it’s time to expand awareness. Learn more about open roles at Buildkite here. We’re thrilled to partner with the Buildkite team as they strive to make developers’ working lives better.