OpenView Leads $10.5M Series A in GitPrime

April 25, 2018

OpenView is excited to announce our $10.5M Series A investment in GitPrime, the leading provider of engineering productivity analytics. The Durango, Colorado-based company serves hundreds of customers including both tech and traditional businesses alike, such as Disney, Mattel, Cigna and Dell.

As every company becomes a software company, the work of software engineers has never been more important. Despite the critical role developers play within an organization, their teams have been one of the only departments left in the dark when it comes to measuring their progress. There have been myriad tools created to quantify metrics across every part of a developer’s stack, from the health of their infrastructure and applications, to logs and networks, to code quality and projects. Yet, the opacity behind what makes a great developer great, as well as the lack of tools available to quantify any defined metrics, have prevented developers from applying a similarly analytical lens against their own performance.

In lieu of such tools, engineering managers have tried to hack together a variety of techniques to track their team’s progress, but all have fallen short. At one end of the spectrum, the practices of relying on gut feel or pair programming are accompanied with scalability issues and a lack of standardization on how to define productivity. At the other, teams use story points via agile ticketing systems like Jira — great for tracking the pace of project completion, but not at all intended to measure quality of development, not to mention story points are self reported and therefore inherently unreliable.

Despite all these attempts, the core questions remain: which developers are underperforming and why? Who’s committing the most efficient code? Is my team more productive today than they were last quarter?

Travis Kimmel, co-founder and CEO of GitPrime, had all those questions and more as an engineering manager prior to starting GitPrime. He felt lost when it came to providing helpful feedback to his team members, and in turn was compelled to create a solution. Travis teamed up with co-founder and Chief Customer Officer Ben Thompson, and together they built GitPrime.

GitPrime co-founders from left to right: Ben Thompson (Chief Customer Officer) and Travis Kimmel (CEO).

GitPrime digs into a team’s codebase, ticketing system, and existing toolchain to provide a holistic view of team velocity as well as productivity and efficiency at the individual developer level. Its product allows managers to not only pinpoint the most and least productive engineers, but also provides feedback on specific areas of improvement. Taking engineering departments out of the proverbial black box offers a number of benefits, including more informed HR-related decisions, increased team-wide productivity, and deeper insights around resource allocation for senior executives.

Just as CRM helped sales teams quantify their productivity through transparency and measurability, GitPrime is here to supercharge the practice of software engineering. As a result, GitPrime has the potential to become a pillar company that advances innovation across all industries. We couldn’t be more excited to support Travis, Ben, and the rest of the team on this journey.


Mackey is a Partner at OpenView focusing on enterprise infrastructure and data driven application software.