Introducing Logikcull: On a Mission to Make Legal Technology More Helpful and Human

August 23, 2016

We are thrilled to introduce our newest portfolio company, Logikcull, the leader in cloud-based legal intelligence software. Together, we’re embarking on a mission to make legal technology a lot more helpful and human.

Logikcull got its start in the E-Discovery market — a delightfully antiquated space that thrives on inefficiency. It’s one of the few software categories that hasn’t started migrating to the SaaS future that the rest of the world is already embracing with open arms.

The state of the art in E-Discovery requires corporations to hand over their most sensitive corporate data on a physical disc or drive, and give it blindly to a series of 3rd parties who are horribly inefficient, confusingly opaque, wildly expensive and woefully ill-equipped to keep it secure.

This is precisely what led Andy Wilson and Sheng Yang to build Logikcull. The team has built a SaaS product that legal professionals can use themselves without specialized data preparation, processing, hosting and management from expensive service providers. This is a must-have in today’s world of ever-expanding corporate data. Engineered inefficiency is not only a bad customer experience, it simply fails at big data scale.And the market agrees. Logikcull is seeing law firms, enterprises, non-profits and governments alike all ditch their legacy solutions for the self-service, cloud-based future. And we’re talking about AmLaw 200 firms like Vinson & Elkins, enterprises like, non-profits like EarthJustice, and governments like New York City. All of these customers are viewed as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Beyond E-Discovery, customers are finding numerous ways to use Logikcull. It’s not solely valuable for so-called “serial litigants,” but also for organizations looking to deal with internal investigations, subpoenas, FOIA requests or regulatory compliance. This use case expansion showed us that Logikcull wasn’t merely trying to be a better version of the existing legacy systems.

Logikcull’s vision is to be something new and different in a market that has been narrowly limited to litigation management and unfairly overlooked by innovation. This is truly “legal intelligence.” Logikcull goes way beyond E-Discovery.

At OpenView, we look for founders with a unique insight into a known problem. Anyone can identify a problem, but it takes a special team to develop a truly helpful and human solution to that problem. Logikcull is that team and we are happy to have them in the family!