OpenView Makes $9M Series A Investment in Loopio

February 13, 2018

OpenView is thrilled to announce our recent $9M Series A investment in Loopio, a software platform that helps sales teams respond to RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires seamlessly with up-to-date, accurate, and approved content.

Customers like IBM, Thomson Reuters, Citrix, and New Relic use Loopio to avoid the fire drill that occurs every time a sales questionnaire comes through the door. Before Loopio, responding to an inquiry entailed a salesperson or sales enablement professional chasing around subject matter experts and pulling information from static out-of-date wikis to fill in answers that, at best, delivered responses in a matter of weeks or months or, at worst, delivered inaccurate responses or no responses at all.

With Loopio, teams can constantly update their Q&A repositories as responses are completed through the platform. They can also automatically populate responses to new inquiries using content from that same database, greatly decreasing response time.

Loopio co-founders from left to right: Matt York, CTO; Jafar Owainati, COO; Zakir Hemraj, CEO.

Zak, Jafar, and Matt, Loopio’s three co-founders, have bootstrapped the business to this point with a constant focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience and building a world class team. With their new funding, they’ll invest in growing both the team and the product. Specifically, Loopio plans to hire more than 50 people in the coming year, with a focus on sales and engineering. Anyone interested in joining the team can learn about current openings here.

We’re ecstatic to partner with the Loopio team to help them take advantage of the tremendous product, team, and growth engine they’ve built by stepping on the gas to dominate their market.

Welcome to the OpenView family!


Ariel is a VP on the investment team at OpenView. She focuses on product-led software companies and helped lead the firm's investments in Calendly, Loopio, Balena, Zipwhip and Cogito. Prior to joining, she was a Product Manager at Yesware.