OpenView and Startup Institute Announce Strategic Partnership to Promote Diversity in the Innovation Economy

June 11, 2015

Startup-Institute-Global-LogoWe are proud to announce a new alliance with Startup Institute, an immersive career accelerator for the innovation economy. Startup Institute provides students with programs focused on sales, marketing, development and design all with an eye towards promoting a more vibrant and diverse tech community.

This strategic partnership gives OpenView unparalleled access to a broad talent pool of current Institute students in Boston, Chicago and New York as well as a large alumni network well-suited to the hiring needs of our own OpenView Portfolio.

While recruiting is definitely a key focus of our newest partnership, OpenView and Startup Institute plan to work together in a variety of ways ranging from content partnerships to diversity training, community engagement and more. As the Institute’s first-ever VC partner, we’re hoping to open a dialogue around the important role diversity plays in a healthy startup culture.

For more on today’s exciting news, see the press release below.

In First-ever Partnership with a Venture Capital Firm, Startup Institute and OpenView Venture Partners Team Up to Promote Diversity in the Innovation Economy

Strategic partnership will enable OpenView to source talent from a more diverse pool of candidates and give Startup Institute students insider access to the venture capital community.

Boston, MA — June 11, 2015OpenView Venture Partners, the leading expansion-stage B2B software venture capital firm, announced today a strategic partnership with Startup Institute, the leader for education in the innovation economy. This partnership represents Startup Institute’s first-ever with a venture capital firm and seeks to bolster diversity within the startup and venture capital spheres.

As one of the nation’s leading career accelerators, Startup Institute aims to promote diversity within the tech community, provide its students with expert training in the most in-demand skills and instill in them the cultural awareness needed to thrive in a startup environment. To date, 41% of Startup Institute students have been women and 35% students of color.

“It’s no secret that the tech community suffers from a diversity problem,” said Devon McDonald, Partner at OpenView. “Through our partnership with Startup Institute, we’re aiming to source a more diverse talent pool for our own portfolio and serve as an example for the VC community. By partnering with the Institute, we’re providing an avenue to open up a dialogue around diversity issues within this space and hope to expose a more diverse group to the inner-workings of life at a venture capital firm.”

Today’s announcement signifies an important relationship between two of the most prominent organizations in Boston’s technology community and brings with it significant opportunities for both parties. OpenView gains the ability to actively recruit from Startup Institute’s deep and diverse talent pool in Boston, Chicago and New York, key to hiring top talent for the firm’s portfolio, while Startup Institute students benefit from engaging closely with one of the nation’s top venture capital firm’s.

“We could not be more excited having OpenView as a partner,” said Diane Hessan, CEO of Startup Institute. “Both of our organizations are dedicated to helping companies get access to the best talent that they need to grow and prosper – and that includes an emphasis on diversity.”

“Startup Institute goes out of its way to make sure students of all ages and backgrounds succeed in their programs,” said Rebecca Churt, Marketing Strategist at OpenView who is leading partnership efforts. “At OpenView, we’re not just looking for the best and brightest talent to source for our portfolio, we aim to build a diverse workforce that can serve to make our portfolio companies the best they can be.”

“Our relationship with OpenView represents one of the most high-engagement partnerships we’ve ever built,” added Richard DiTieri, Associate Director at Startup Institute. “Between sharing event space, special sessions to be hosted by OpenView, access to RampUp courses, and involving OpenView’s portfolio, it’s the first of it’s kind for us. Our students gain such valuable access to the OpenView team and portfolio, and we’re excited to help staff the firm’s amazing companies. Partnerships like this help us build a stronger program, which lifts the entire startup ecosystem.”

Over the coming months, OpenView and Startup Institute will partner on events ranging from alumni networking to partner fairs, talent expos and more. Startup Institute’s Summer 2015 Full-Time program begins June 22. Apply to Startup Institute summer program

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Startup Institute gives professionals the skills, mindset and networks to get a job in a startup or high-growth company – and thrive in a new career. To date, over 800 alumni have graduated from Startup Institute’s 8-week program and are now working across the innovation economy in sales, technical marketing, web design and web development. With offices in Boston, New York, and Chicago Startup Institute has hundreds of partners from hiring companies who help to teach its programs and mentor its students. For more information, visit Startup Institute.

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<strong>Rebecca Churt</strong> is Head of Marketing at <a href="">TrueMotion</a>. She was previously a Growth Strategist at OpenView and spent five years at HubSpot.