OpenView Venture Partners’ One Word

May 1, 2010

A response to my blog last week, One Word, really set me thinking over the past few days. What is OpenView Venture Partners‘ dumbwaiter pitch, or “one word”?

As an expansion stage Boston venture capital firm that also provides strategic consulting services, financial consulting services, and value-add assistance in implementation of best practices process across all functional areas, I must admit that the possibilities for honing in on that ‘one word’ that truly defines our firm appeared endless.

In the end, that one word is growth.


That one word is really at the core of everything we do.

Growth in shareholder value.
Growth in capabilities and competencies in our portfolio.
Growth in the the capabilities and competencies within our firm.
Growth in our value-add impact to our portfolio companies.
Growth in our portfolio.
Growth in the number of prospects and individuals in our community who we can impact in a high value way.