Why Product Ops is Key to Product-Led Success—According to Pendo’s Christine Itwaru

Christine Itwaru, Director of Product Ops at Pendo, has managed and grown product teams by utilizing her belief that shared experience and shared knowledge within teams and across an organization ultimately drive growth and products that make an impact.

At Pendo she leads a team responsible for empowering product teams, collaborating across orgs, creating scale and ultimately freeing up PMs to deliver value to customers.

On this new episode of the BUILD Podcast, Christine and host Blake Bartlett unpack:

  • What the role of product ops is and how it came into popularity
  • When, why and how to incorporate a product ops role into your team
  • Christine’s prediction of where the product ops movement and community will be five years from now

Listen to the episode below.

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Meg Johnson
Meg Johnson
Multimedia Marketer

Meg leads creative strategy on OpenView's marketing team. As head producer of the BUILD podcast and all other OV multimedia programs, she works with individuals at the firm to harness their passion into content that helps them build a genuine connection to their audience and grow their personal brand authentically and sustainably. Prior to OV, Meg led brand development and creative strategy at Privy helping them become one of the fastest growing companies in America according to Inc Magazine in 2019. Privy was then valued at $2.2 billion before getting acquired by Attentive in 2021.
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