3 Reasons to Give Your Sales Team an Asset Package

August 14, 2013

How can you help your sales team? Give them an asset package! Image credit: Shutterstock

 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Sales Team an Asset Package

For starters, the first question some of you may have is, “What is an asset package?”

An asset package typically provides salespeople and marketers with the following:

  • an overview of the segment your company has chosen to sell to
  • insights into the primary buyer personas involved at a prospect company
  • insights into their buying process
  • training materials such as email scripts, conversation guides, competitor profiles, etc.

It’s essentially all of your institutional knowledge of your chosen segment organized into one resource.

So now I’ve outlined what an asset package is — but why is it important?

Reason 1: It Forces Everyone to Put Their Ideas to Paper

Together, everyone in the organization has decades upon decades of experience selling, marketing, and working with customers. Creating an asset package allows the collective wisdom of the organization to be archived and disseminated. It can also be a great way to get all the stakeholders in your organization to sit at the table and have spirited discussions over what the contents of the asset package should be.

Reason 2: It Identifies Gaps in Your Knowledge

Nobody knows absolutely everything. The purpose of an asset package is to give your sales teams the most accurate information possible, but as you build your asset package, invariably there are going to be gaps in your knowledge base. It could be gaps in the buyer personas, their buying process, or the competitive landscape.

The end result is that you will have to do some research to fill in those gaps. In doing so, you will improve your organization’s knowledge and ensure your sales team has the best read possible on the marketplace and prospects.

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Reason 3: It Primes Your Sales and BDR Teams for Success

Last and certainly not least, you will be providing your Sales and BDR teams a blueprint for success. Here’s why:

Buyer personas will give your teams a deep understanding of who the buyers are in a given segment, the pain points they are trying to address with your product, and messaging that should resonate with them on a call. Your sales team will be in a better position to connect with a prospect on a sales call with this information in hand.

Also, the information they learn from their calls can be used to improve upon the asset package. They will be able to offer feedback on what worked and what didn’t. It will allow the broader team to collaborate on iterating on the asset package with what the sales team has learned during the outreach process.

These are only a few of the reasons you should take the time to give your sales teams an asset package. For those that have developed one, how well have they worked in practice?

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Sudip is in charge of Corporate Strategy, Sales Operations at <a href="http://www.alegeus.com/">Alegeus Technologies</a>. Previously, he worked at OpenView from 2012 until 2014 with portfolio companies to provide insights on the markets they operate in, their customers, and drive development of business strategies.